amni8 - Tips: Meghan Markle, the fiance of Prince Harry, has made a firm decision to close all her accounts through social networking sites and abandon her millions of admirers as a famous artist, as some interpret it as a natural consequence of the actions of her family members. See also: Megan Marshall's sister hurls a blow at Prince Harry after his unexpected statement.
GPS The disgraceful public behavior of Megan Markle's sister-in-law on Prince Harry began because of his statement that his fiancée had spent the Christmas holiday amidst a family atmosphere that he lacked, which some saw as insulting and embarrassing because she had no family because her parents were separated.
"If you spend $ 75,000 on your dress, you have to spend a similar amount on your father," said Samantha Grant, the sister of Megan Markle of the father, saying that Megan had to provide financial aid to her father, Her financial position is comfortable being working in art. Samantha Grant revealed that her father is suffering from a leg injury and is undergoing treatment so that he can walk with his daughter during the wedding ceremony, although Megan has revealed that she wants her mother to do the job because her relationship with her father is not good, according to the newspaper "Mirror" ..

But the disturbing behavior of the Megan Markle family did not stop there. Harry's fiancée had a very embarrassing position recently when she discovered that her brother Thomas's brother-in-law had engaged in a noisy quarrel with him in their home, prompting the neighbors to call the police who took her to the city's police station to testify, According to Daily Mail. Some believe that Megan Markell's insistence on deleting her accounts through the websites, claiming that she is "no longer as active as before," is to keep away from the tension she has been experiencing as a result of negative comments from her followers since her engagement with Prince Harry has been announced. Its at all.

According to the British newspaper "Independent", this step was necessary now to alleviate the media obsession with the private life of members of the royal family as well as the requirements of the new life accepted by the former actress who will join the royal family after marriage to Prince Harry in May next, Her being a crowned princess, these accounts will be managed by a dedicated team of the royal family.

While others defended Megan Markle, asserting that she had a very nice personality. She loved Prince Harry, who had the same feeling. She would be a wonderful princess because she acted spontaneously and had a compassionate heart and was not responsible for the problems of her family and irresponsible behavior.
The supporters of this view justified their argument that Kate Middleton, the "brother-in-law of her fiancé", was also unaware of the strange behavior of her family members. She had been interrogated by her uncle on domestic violence charges against his wife and that had not affected her relationship with her second- So it is unlikely that Megan Markle will lose the opportunity to marry her fiance because of such problems.

Another Information

Harry Prince is the fiancé of her sister Meghan Markle, who spoke during his interview on BBC Radio 4.
Prince Harry's statement, which annoyed Megan Markle's sister, was about his fiancé's first engagement with the royal family in Christmas, saying: "His fiancée spent a wonderful time with the family she never had before."
"My sister has a big family, always with her and next to her, and when her parents separated, it was like having two houses, nobody was confused, but she was just busy," Prince Harry said in a statement. Read my book to find out the full facts and see the pictures. ". Thank you