amni8 - Tips: Everyone knows Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the most prominent players in the history of Real Madrid, but few know all the qualities of this personal that made the glory of the Royal Club.
Here are 10 things you may not know about Cristiano Ronaldo:
1. Name of President Ronald Reagan
Cristiano was born under the name of Dos Santos Aveiro, but he was famous for Ronaldo, who was given to him by his father, who was fond of late US president Donald Reagan (1981-1989).
After a slight change in Portuguese pronunciation, Dos Santos became a "Ronaldo," as his lover around the world calls him.
2. His mother pushed him to play for Real
Ronaldo's mother was one of the most passionate fans of the Real Madrid club. "I often dreamed that my son would play with the team I love and play at the Bernabeu Stadium every weekend," she says.
Cristiano confirms the information, but adds that she told him that she would like to play in Spain to be close to Portugal, because Britain is far away and wants her son to stay close to her.
GPS 3. Crusher for the record of the masses
Whether you're a fan of Real Madrid or not, it's impossible to forget the extraordinary scene during the Cristiano Ronaldo show at Santiago Bernabeu on July 6, 2009, a history that will remain stuck in the Portuguese's mind because it has managed to bring together more than 80,000 people in Madrid.
Ronaldo broke the record with Diego Armando Maradona, who received 75,000 spectators.
4. He could sign for Liverpool
Before joining Manchester United in the summer of 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo had signed another red shirt with Liverpool, but was not eventually moved because of a lack of agreement on the pay scale.
5. Do not smoke and do not like alcohol or tattoos
Three things behind the success of the myth is that he never smokes and is thus fit. As for alcohol, he explains that he is very sad for the loss of his father, who died after a traffic accident driving under the influence of alcohol.
As for the tattoos, Cristiano refuses to be skinned because he is a permanent donor of blood, which explains his disregard for smoking, alcohol and tattoos.

6. Did not win the title of the best young player in the 2006 World Cup
Cristiano was just around the corner for the title of the best young player at the 2006 World Cup, but was unable to do so because he had hit Englishman Wayne Rooney and was the reason for his red card, which prevented him from winning the title despite his excellent performance during the semi-final.
Germany's Lukas Podolski returned to the title.

7. Refused to carry number 7 in Manchester
The Real Madrid legend refused to carry the number 7, considering him a pressure factor, fearing that the public would not be satisfied with the performance, carrying a number already borne by stars such as George Pace, David Beckham and Eric Contona.
The manager, Alex Ferguson, says he ordered the player to wear a T-shirt7 to force him to play hard in the name of the names mentioned above..

8. Distinguish in playing poker online
One of the biggest poker participants on the net, is known for his frequency on the Internet sites of the game, which is one of the most loved ones also.
This game requires clear intelligence from players.

Another Information

9. No one knows the identity of his son's father!
Ronaldo refuses to declare the identity of his son, who was born in the United States on 17 June 2010.
Some say that the child came into being "as a result of a passing relationship," and others believe that the player "had a relationship with a waitress known in a restaurant," but the man knew how to keep the secret.
10. The first to get the Puskas Award for best goal
The first to get the Puskas award for the best goal, after scoring his goal with the legendary United against Porto in the semi-final of the Champions League in 2009. Thank you